The Smallness Love Thrives On

Live a life someone would want to make a movie about. Not because of the bad you have done but because of the good you have become. Create a true story of triumph and adventure like the british Midwife on BBC.

Jennifer Worth was a Midwife in London during the 1950s-60s. Her memoirs detailing days of birthing babies and improving the lives of tenement remnants were something someone wanted to capture on camera.

The charm of her story has extended far beyond the truth, yet each new show and storyline keeps the integrity of her work.

In the last episode of season 6, Barbara the Midwife is marrying Tom the Vicor. As a girl, she didn’t dream of a white princess dress or a grand reception, her only dream was to have her missionary father officiate the wedding. On the morning of the wedding the convent she lived in ran out of hot water, but she took joy in the spectacle of lugging tea kettles from the kitchen to the water closet the bride to be could take a bath. While waiting in the hallway, she asked her father for marriage advice and he said this: “You do not need my advice. You take joy in the small things and that is all love needs to thrive on.”

Sometimes, I get caught up in seeking grand experiences. When I thirst for a world travel trip or a plane jumping dive, I begin to miss the true adventure in the little snippets of everyday.

Smallness is what true love thrives on.

In my real life, I witnessed a broken man who had never left Missouri experience a palm tree for the first time in a terrarium hotel. As we walked he stroke the exotic plants and told us how his grandmother would find him in the middle of the church garden sleeping when he was younger.

He pulled me and another friend back to smell a gorgeous white flower. There was one flower left on the bush, just for us. He stopped and smelled the roses just as his grandmother told him too.

The next day, we were going into the lions den of a kitchen and he said, “no one can take that palm tree away from me.”

Days later I am still taken aback by his awe. I thought about the times when the simple, like decorative seashells and fresh baby pigs, left me in awe.

With the new year I have many prayers and dreams, but the simplest of them is to take wonder in the small things because that is where true love grows.