Pinching Pennies and Forgoing Finland

It’s been so long since I’ve posted. I didn’t want to be the infrequent blogger, but here I am The thing is, I have been wanting to post but when I begin to write, it feels like I am forcing it. Now I have something more genuine to say, something that has been ruminating in my mind for a while now.


This time last year I was preparing to spend the Fall semester studying hospitality in Helsinki, Finland. I had completed a budget for the trip. After putting in all my predictions for income, I still needed a couple thousand dollars, but I wasn’t concerned.

The travel bug bit me when I studied abroad in Scotland. It was there God taught me about his miraculous providence. During my solo adventure in Scotland God provided me with a free hotel, free tours of Irish mountains, and plenty of free tea. Everything I experienced was tailored by Him. Looking back on it all, I have realized he did these things out of love. I was supposed to be in Scotland and he made the trip a bit more luxurious for me. With a vision of past faithfulness, I knew that if I was called to Finland, the money would come.

I also know that when God blesses me I know it is not free, it is paid by the price of his blood.

Its almost the end of October and I am not in Finland. In January, I made the decision to give up Finland and spend my last year of college completely in Murray, Kentucky. It was one of the hardest decisions I have yet to make in life. I wanted Finland so badly, but it would push me back a semester. For weeks I pined and one day I was looking in the mirror and God whispered, “it’s your choice.”

The more time I spend my final fall semester in Murray, the more I feel that I made a good decision. It wasn’t necessarily the right or wrong decision. If I had chosen to go to Finland, I believe God would have still provided the money.


As a kid my Great Aunt Zue would tell us to pick up a penny facing heads up and put it in our left shoe for luck. Because of this sentimentality, I have a keen eye for noticing missing coins on the ground. I have everything I could ever want or need, but I still find myself scraping pennies off the pavement and tucking them in my left shoe.

In the past couple of weeks dimes have been appearing. It is almost every day I spot a dime on the ground. One day, a cashier gave me a handful of dimes because the register was out of quarters. I had this thought that maybe God will provide for my next mission one dime at a time. It seems silly, but a little everyday can go a long way.

This time next year I will not be in Murray, Kentucky. I will be chasing hearts and chasing passion in a place that needs it, and I will have no need.

Do what you love, in love, with love and the money will come.