A Definite, Infinite, Intimate Word

We refused to say goodbye,                                                                                                             for fear that the farewell                                                                                                             might solidify our fate…                                                                                                               well, it’s time to say goodbye,                                                                                                       such a definite word,                                                                                                                         an infinite word,                                                                                                                                 an intimate word.

Levi the Poet, Correspondence (A Fiction)                                                                                    Chapter 6: Traditional Values Worldview, Chapter 11: Cul-de-sac Colonies


In the first few days of May the summer seems unending. It was just the beginning of burnt noses and ice-cream cones on hot days. The summer was before us, like a tunnel with no light at the end. Now in August we look back through the tunnel and wonder where all the starry nights have gone. At once everything becomes just a memory.

In just a few short weeks life will look totally different. There will be a different place, with different people, and different work. It is time for the next chapter to begin, but in between the pages is uncertainty. Nothing will ever be the same after a summer away. 2017 was a summer set free. There was less fear and more love in these days. You can never be sure if it all will stay this way during the flip of a page.

I will miss long runs in Pisgah National Park, trips to Asheville for tea and tattoos, and hands red and raw from polishing hundreds of glasses.

This summer has been such a different experience. It is the first time I have been completely open, like an old book, with new people. What I have learned is this: giving pieces of your heart to a place and to people is a risk worth taking. When it is all over it will hurt more, but that means it was just that much more worth it.

It is wise to put up protection around your heart, but without deep connection we vanish. After the final chapter, our epilogue will be in heaven and the only thing we can bring from this earth is other people. Everyone you pass by in this life is a potential neighbor.

Summer can be so short, and I didn’t expect to make dear friends, but I did. So here I am today, sad I am leaving such a sweet time with sweet people, but I know the best is always yet to come.

It is never goodbye, just a see you later in life or see you on the other side.