Known and Loved and Whole

“Feels like you’ve lost yourself again; sit in the silence of a friend. When you are known and fully loved you have a home.”

 Joel Ansett


The day I broke I was sitting on the stairs watching the reality of a fallen world through a screen door. In the moment, I vowed to myself it was best to be invisible, to be silent in the face of fear. Void of affection, I built a wall around my heart.

The walls people build around their hearts are built with bricks of past pain and mortar of bitterness. Those two feelings can keep us in a prison, preventing love from coming in or going out.

All our hearts need is to be known and to feel loved.

Wholeness comes when we have the revelation of the truth: we are worthy to be loved. There is always a pair of fiery eyes watching us, even when the world doesn’t seem to notice.

There is being alone and there is loneliness.  We never are truly alone, because the spirit of love is always with us, stroking our hair and kissing our cheek. Being alone should be freeing, not chastising. Loneliness is a sickness of the heart and a lie. It is believing you are not made for a purpose. It is a type of pride to think no one can ever love you. God is the judge of love.

When we get alone in the secret place, God can help us tear down the wall around our heart brick by brick, pain by pain. No human can ever satisfy your need for love. Only God can tear down the walls and fill your heart with the deepest affection ever known.

Love is a choice. It is something we allow into our heart. It is the fuel to our passion.

God is love and we are His beloved. He desires us more than the world ever could. He loves us so much he desires to spend eternity with us.


“I am my beloveds and His desire is towards me.”        Song of Solomon 7:10