The Escape From Fleshly Motions

Emotions can toss and topple about like a buoy on the ocean’s surface; especially when the waves clap their hands at the sky pouring water down. Just like the atmosphere, emotions change in an instant.

Anger creeps up like claws on your back. Sometimes my feet tap as the intense energy runs through my flesh. I can’t stay still. I must run, to release. I must stand in the rain and stomp in muddy puddles, letting the chill touch my spine just because it is the only thing that makes sense in the moment.

My flesh wants to stay in a rapid motion, tossing and ripping like the frothy blue water hitting the unbalanced buoy.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t trust my emotions. Anger and sadness come like a thief in the night stealing my joy and peace. It may even be a soft night with a super moon shining and constellations splattered across the sky. A state of reverence and peace invade leaving me completely enraptured with love and bliss. Then in an instant the thief comes to pull me out of heaven and into the fleshly motions I want to release.

Luckily, the buoy is anchored.

While I wobble at the knees, keel over in pains, and feel the unsettled flesh beat in my heart, the anchor is still holding on. It never lets go of me. It reels me in when emotions flip and fleshly motions take over. It holds me close to the mysteries of the deep blue. It is my escape.


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