Is God Real?

“Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances” C.S. Lewis


It is October 20, 2016 and I have never felt more content in my life.

This morning I woke up with a deep-set joy bubbling up. It is the kind of joy that remains even when there is death and due dates surrounding my head and demanding my time. I couldn’t help but jump up and down for a bit.

Sometimes you have to lean into the discomfort of life and choose joy over sorrow.

Sorrow is never discounted though. Sometimes you need to take a day to feel the weight of it all. But the next day you should always step forward, even if it is just a baby step.

Last October 20 I had no hope. My mind was of kilter and I felt so small and worthless. The joy was still there, but I let it be buried under the weight of the discomfort. It became a small voice amongst a crowd of groans and weeps.

The pain increased and I still clung to the wisps of God I could still feel. Really, it made no sense. Why believe in a God when the carpet was pulled out from under me? Why believe in God when all the goodness has stepped away?

Then, someone told me this lyric:

“When the night is holding on to me, God is holding on.”

Today I can tell you that the darkness holding onto me has left. I have tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord come to me, even when the dawn seemed to never come.

For me, God is real.

I want Him to be real to you, but I don’t want to force His love. Love by force is not love at all. It is meaningless.

My experience has placed me in front of the face of Jesus. You may be somewhere else in life and that is ok. Just revisit the question: Is God real?

This may be the day He is calling out to you.


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