On Choosing and Waiting

I want to drink Ceviche and eat purple potatoes in the ancient streets of Cuzco. I want to exert myself to the point of exhaustion by hiking the Inca trail. I want to be swept away by a mountainous view. I want to love on the little Peruvian children with pearly smiles, playing with them till sunset and learning their language: Quechua. That is not what God wants.

God wants me to stay where I am. He wants me to love on the people I pass by every day. He wants me to notice the adventures in an everyday life. He wants me to channel the excitement of travel to him, in his glory and in his love. This is so right and so much better, but I am still yearning for Alpacas with tassels and fresh tortillas.

And so I am left with two really good choices, but only one is the right one.

The seemingly right choice can be the very thing that leaves me dried up and dissatisfied

An adventure to Peru is what I have wanted for a long while, but now is not the time. The time may never come and I have to be ok with that.

Working a summer at camp is just as special as walking up a mountain with adorned alpacas. Staying in my hometown and spending long nights with friends is refreshing to my soul. Not being a world traveler right now, but rather being still and knowing that God’s preferred choice will propel me into the vision he has for my life is the best choice I can make in this moment.

I don’t always want to obey. In fact, sometimes God has to deal with my kicking and screaming before I finally realize that what He has is better than anything I could ever do. Thankfully, he is gentle and patient. Every time I turn away from the best choice, he gives me gentle reminder of the sweetness of being face to face with Him.

After the choice becomes the waiting.

Will I ever get to go on my grand adventure?

He places dreams and visions in our brains for a reason. He calls us and we go, though it may be a delayed go. There are seasons where we stay just where we are. Those seasons are just as sweet as the mountain hikes and fresh mangoes. Waiting can feel like a chore, but it is really a grace from God. It is a moment to completely saturate your soul with his stillness and simplicity before he sends you off to the four corners of the world to share His goodness.

Rest knowing that what his choice for you is always the best, even if you have to wait for it.

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