In the Stillness

There is a moment in the morning when the world is still waking up. If you can manage to peel yourself out of bed and walk in the cool of the day, then you will be able to bask in the still and small moment the sunrise brings.

It is refreshing to greet the world with a soft stroll. In the wee hours it is just you and the world and the possibility of a new day.

Those quiet mornings remind you of the simplicity of life. You are just breath and bones worshipping with every step you take. It is so lovely.

Among the houses and paved roads, it is just you. Loneliness goes away because Jesus lives in the stillness.

He loves to look you in the eyes, stroke your hair, then kiss your forehead. He takes you by the hand and walks with you, into the sunshine.

Abiding under the shadow of the almighty is quite something when you can rest knowing that he never leaves you. Not in the quiet and not in the bustle. He is always clothing you in light, bringing beauty from the ashes of the fire that died down the night before.

In the stillness, there is a bit of heaven on earth and a whole lot of new life.

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