A Letter to My Father

Dear Abba,

In every situation you are there. During delayed trains and beautiful mountain backdrops, during chocolate cake guilt and carrot stick pride, you are always there.

Sometimes, in the low places it feels like you have left me. Why would I be hurting if my God above loves me? And there it is: you test those whom you love, or rather the devil tests us because he knows how much I love you. The more I love you, the more he hates you, and the more wicked his schemes get.

The dungeons and ditches and days when I can’t get out of bed are not from you. In fact, when I am in bed, feeling lower than dirt, you are sitting in the chair next to me, rubbing my back and stroking my hair.

Oh how wonderful it is that you are in the high places, the mountain tops. Recently, I have felt like I am on a mountain picking blueberries with you. As we climb we stand in awe at the beauty, together. There are so many things I want to give you, good things. They are things that you have created, but I will still give them to you. It is kind of like a child giving her father a piece of construction paper with macaroni stuck to it. It is the thought that count, the heart behind it.

So, be with me, in every experience, the low and the high and the in between. You are enough.


Your Beloved

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  1. Hello, I read yur new stuff on a regular basis. Your humoristic
    styke is witty, keep up the good work! http://urll.eu/8n


  2. Thank you! That’s some encouragement I have definitely needed. Things have been a bit crazy so I haven’t posted much, but I am working on establishing a writing schedule. Have a good weekend!


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