Little Gifts and Rain Patters



There is a blanket of unending tired gloom when you wake up to a rainy morning. It feels warm tucked in bed, but the day still moves forward, puling at your shoestrings. It’s amazing how much better we feel when we wake up to sun rays peaking over clouds. With the sun shining it feels so much better to leap out of bed and start the day off with a pep in your step.

This is all on purpose. God knows that sunshine gives us energy and rain gives us a craving for comfort. It is almost like a test. He wants us to feel the challenge of peeling ourselves out of bed even when the rain keeps pattering on rooftops and sidewalks. Even in the storms he is there dropping little gifts on our path.

So rainy mornings make it the perfect occasion to spot the little gifts He gives us.

For days I have been admiring the blended pink and yellow flowers in front of the library. Sometimes I even stop just to look at them a bit longer, to really enjoy their beauty. Even in the rain their colors shine.

Maybe God’s gift to you is a familiar face or a favorite food. Perhaps the gift is even a little grace when you need that extra push through a rainy day. Whatever it is, it is there because our father loves giving gifts to His children.

Even the gloomy, rainy mornings are a gift.

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