Dried Up


There is a moment when you have been so inundated with all of life that you just feel dry. It is such a paradox, but the good and the bad are so overwhelming that nothing is left and your lips crack with thirst. Feelings are gone and that’s all that’s left is an empty shell weathered from rushing waters.

One day, everything won’t feel so overwhelming…maybe.

Really it is natural. Bodies can only do so much until the muscles don’t push and pull the way they usually do. You spend 23 hours a day working after spending a month traveling with little breaks in between and this is now the point when your body stops working. You eat ice-cream and watch the entire Harry Potter series because you can’t muster up the will to leave the house. And that may be just what you need to soothe the dried up body. It is like lotion on chap skin.

Then, guilt creeps in, telling you that you’re not doing enough, telling you you’re being selfish, telling you that you’re only dry because you say you are dry and not because you really are. Your lips aren’t cracked at all; it is just mere illusion.

Yet another part of you genuinely wants the floods. The thirsty part that tends to chronically overschedule wants you to toss the remote away and write a thousand pages, go for an 8 mile run, and see every friend within a 100-mile radius.

It’s like a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The demon telling you that you’re not doing enough and the angel telling you it’s ok to just sit for a while.

Without a doubt when you are dry you need rest, but you need to rest well. Physically it is easy to sit on a couch and only move to grab food from the kitchen. Mentally is where the battle happens. If a weekend at home is spent worrying that you aren’t doing the right thing, then it is not rest at all. In a few short hours you will feel fatigued all over again after a weekend of fretting.

It’s certainly easier said than done. Just slow down and take small sips from the living water that knows you so well. You may just feel a bit less dried up.

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