Peach Tree


Someone told me that fruit trees have to be pruned in the winter time.

There is a peach tree with weighed down branches. It is brought to the ground by the weight of the fruit, branches touching the ground while trying to reach for the sky. They are juicy and sweet and good but there are too many for the branches to support.

It’s quite a paradox, really. Something so good can bring the support down. The tree has simply produced too much fruit. If the tree had been pruned taking away ambitious branches, there would have been enough support, but here we are now with a peach tree that might snap.

Sometimes what is good can be too much. Of course too much sugar will rot your teeth, but peaches are healthy right? Still, the good can become overwhelming and needs to sometimes be coped with, just like the bad.

Overextending can produce a lot of fruit, but the fruit won’t last. The excess fruit will rot on the ground, get nibbled by creatures, and run over by cars. Though there is more, it won’t last long at all. So begin by pruning back the branches at a time when no fruit is being produced. At the time it seems illogical, but come summer when the fruit blooms the branches will be able to balance all the goodness they produce.


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