Loving the Littles


Once again I told the sweet girl to put her suitcase back in the cabin. It is a pink and blue Elsa suitcase, too big for a little girl and brand new. It is stuffed with new pink boots, fresh clothes and toiletries she likes to carry around. Even though we are in doors during lunch, that is when she wants to put sunscreen on. Even though we go to the valley to shoot bows and slide down tunnels, she wants to bring hand sanitizer and lotion.

Last night she stuffed her mouth full of paper towels so she wouldn’t disrupt the story and when she is tired she just wants to hold your hand.

She is sweet and she need love. Though she tattles and tries to eat snacks all the time she just needs her hand held and someone to let her carry her suitcase to announcements.

Sometimes the ones that seem most difficult are the ones that need the most love. They start fights with other kids, use words they shouldn’t know, and keep yelling when you have already told them to stop. In those moments patience needs to rain down from heaven so that you don’t snap, but when you can tell they feel loved it is so worth it. Some kids just need to hear a yes instead of a million nos.

So, I will gladly skip on showers, wear dirty clothes and stay up late reading stories. I will get up at the crack of dawn and skip a meal while I help them butter bagels and scoop up eggs. I will love the kids that hit and scream because they need it. Really, it is a privilege to go on adventures with them.

When I get flustered I look everywhere for a bit of sunshine, but most often it is right in front of me in the eyes of a child who needs some love and a bit of fun.


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