“We are going to the grocery store.”


“Because we need food.”


“Because we need food for energy so we can do things.”


“Because we are not plants.”


“Because God made us people and not plants.”


“Because, just because.”


You all know it so well. The age that children have a heightened curiosity and a quizzical brow, always asking why.

It can be frustrating and humbling. Frustrating because it seems like they never stop and patience tends to run short. Humbling because we realize we are not as smart as we thought we were. We don’t know all the answers to all of the whys.

Even at 82 we still have childlike hearts. How many times do we ask God why?

God never puts us on voicemail. He can talk to us every hour of the day if we would like to, yet we don’t always talk to him. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a request and a repentance, but just a simple conversation about how your day is going. Just like an earthly Father He loves to hear about your day even if it was just spent in your pajamas. Even though he already knows everything you did during your day, it is the heart behind the call that he cares about. This heart shows love and love grows fonder when time is spent together. Jesus is a person with a heart who we can spend all our days with.

There are times when I am good at talking to God about the mundane. We talk about the profound to, but just a walk to class is enough space for a how’s it going. He likes being invited into the times of watering plants and washing windows. He wants to do it with you.

I have realized that most often when He tells me to do something my response is why? Sometimes he gives me a reason why, or he tells me just because I said so. Other times he says to me, “you know why.”

Curiosity is good. It opens up our mind to consider multiple sides. It spurs us to think beyond what we know and enhance our experience of life one question at a time. There would be many pools of stagnant water without curiosity pushing the water over the rocks. God likes our curiosity. He likes it when we explore his creation and dive deeper into His words. However, sometimes we turn to questioning Him. It is healthy and normal to have some tussles, but after years of questions you begin to realize the answer is always the same.

The answer is Him.

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