It is easy to get caught up in the sprouts and blooms. So caught up that we miss others blooming or roots establishing or sunrays nurturing. We just don’t feel quite worthy enough unless the bright petals or green leaves are exposed to the world.

It is not easy to get out of the “fixed” mindset. The one that says you are only capable of one bloom and until that bloom has sprung you are not good enough. The process isn’t purposeful; it is merely an inconvenience.

When that mindset grips us we become petrified. Stuck in a blurry, amber shell, staying the same forever. Once a bloom has come, there is no more. Another will not come because it is not willed to come. What a sad story stuck petals create.

There is also a “growth” mindset. One that is content in the process, realizing the necessity. In the unseen moments wondrous growth occurs and it is special to that one plant. When it finally blooms there are promises for more to come.

Eventually, plants pass away and become fertile ground for new plants to take root. It is their wisdom and nurturing that helps us grow.

Keep a growth mindset and know that there are other plants in the box that feel the same as you. Impatient, discouraged, wilted are some feelings that may creep in. But then they are replaced with contentment, desire, and luster.

You may only grow an inch today, and that is ok. Tomorrow is another day with sunshine and rain. The most important ingredient is time. The time it takes is what makes the growth so rich and fruitful.

Remain planted even when it seems the stem has stopped. There is always a chance for new blooms to burst out.

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  1. Caitlin Hemenway says:

    I hear you reading this as I read along. Dear friend, your words are refreshing wisdom. So proud of you! Love always_ Cait


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