The road is calling, the trees are calling, the cool cups of tea are calling and here I sit reading about the cold war and decolonization. One more test keeps me from the sweet rest of summer and I don’t want to do it.

Many times I have thought of just winging it, skip the studying and give up. That certainly is the wrong attitude to have. I don’t have to do school; I get to do school. It is a privilege to take a test, not a burden.

And so, I want to be present in this moment. I want to savor the test and learn all I can about the world that I live in. Though it is long and tedious it is also wonderful and fertile. Every bit of knowledge brings me further to the truth. It grows my mind and adds to who I am.

This world is vast and though I want to be on a long drive or sitting at a table with friends, I also want to take this test.

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