Boxing Day


The day after Christmas is boxing day. The Christmas tree comes down, nativities are stashed away, and stockings folded. A season of warmth and celebration is packed away so that a new year can begin. Boxing day comes more than just the day after Christmas, and it is a very healing part of life, respecting the old and welcoming the new.

In the past years I have lived in four different places: a dorm, a cabin, a familiar house, and an attic room. I have uprooted my foundation and moved. It’s difficult. Sometimes I want to be in one place, I want one home. But other times it is exciting to move from one place to another with wide eyes and fresh scenery.

I have learned three lessons.

  1. Life is more than stuff.

Not only is it easier to move when you have less stuff, but you also are really aware of your surroundings, of the environment that you are in. Just sloughing off extra parts, helps you experience new parts of your life. Simply is how I want to live. It is freer that way.

  1. Home is where Jesus is.

“Home is where the heart,” that is what people say, but home isn’t really a place. I mean we are all homesick for heaven aren’t we? So, I have learned that even when I am in a place that doesn’t feel like home, I am still home because this is temporary. Life is a vapor and we are only here for a short period of time, it is like temporary housing.

  1. There is value in new places and old places.

New places are exciting and scary. I have moved to places where I have known no one. I have had to build new foundations of friends, navigate in new cities, and learn new cultures. While it’s scary, you discover more about yourself and you value all of the friends that you have. You appreciate the time that you spend with friends that you have had for a long time, and the time you spend with new, fresh friends that you have only known for a short while.

Old places are sacred. They hold memories in the floorboards and the walls. You cherish them so much more when you can only come to visit every so often. A place that was once a home for years and years has now become like a vacation. Every time I am there I am only there for short while and then I am off to the next place.

So these lessons have been written in my heart. A place is not who I am, but it definitely helps shape who I am. I know I will be moving again and again in these next few years but wherever I go I will be home, and I will cherish the new and old places, and I will let go.

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