Medicine of Grace


“For the Lord is a sun and shield. The Lord will give grace (acceptance) and glory (heavenly bliss); No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly (seek His face)”

Psalm 84:11


Words sometimes just don’t want to come out. There is a flurry of emotions and thoughts but the words just don’t come. It has been a long tussle, but now is the time to share.

Medicine is a grace from God. He accepts us just as we are, even if that means we are constantly misty eyed and red in the face. He doesn’t want us to stay on medicine, but sometimes it just feels like His hand outstretched, helping us move up out of a pit.

It took a long time to swallow these pills. It was a fight, but I just couldn’t keep my fists up. I swallowed my pride along with the pills because I needed help. This wasn’t something that I could fix myself. I needed grace.

Then came the glory. Laughter is the best medicine. Genuine laughter is healing to the soul and for a while it felt forced and fake. But after days of feeling darkness shroud my vision, I saw a glimpse of light and it was good. It was like a sneak peek of heaven, total bliss.

For everything there is a season and this is a season for me to take medicine. God definitely heals, and He heals instantly. I am still believing for complete physical and psychological healing from this darkness. But, he also values the process. The process of yielding to Him, sinking to our knees and letting him shower us in grace.

There is no condemnation in medicine. Know that the sickness is out of your control and that is ok. Also know that the healer is in control and He deeply desires you to be free.

Let a helping hand extend and don’t feel shamed for relying on medicine. It just may be one of God’s graces that helps you truly enjoy the life He gave you.

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