Open Seats


Sometimes there is an open seat and it gets passed by. An opportunity to sit and rest slips away.

Sometimes we need more than anything to be a spectator instead of a participator.

Sometimes the seat is fuzzy and warm, other times it is cold and hard.

When do you feel like you need to take a sit down. Stop walking, running, skipping, and let your legs rest. One day you may not be able to go any longer and you will need a seat, but it won’t be there. There will just be endless pavements and walkways.

But, He is the provider of benches.

On the seventh day of creation God rested. A whole day of rest. The Sabbath. It is a sacred day that gets taken for granted, gets trampled all over with the boots of busy schedules. Who really has time to rest, to just sit and be?

Well, God has time. He redeems time because he is the one that shapes it. Make your request known to God and he will provide a seat, one that is comfortable and soul resting.

It may be a loveseat, a rocking chair, a theatre seat, or a kitchen table stool. No matter what it is or where it is, don’t pass up the opportunity to sit on a seat surrounded by God’s presence and His beautiful rest.

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