At the Table


I love big dining room tables. The kinds that fit all shapes and sizes of personalities. I also love small tables that are intimate and simple, creating the space to breathe the same air.

The table is the heart. Conversations run deep, body and soul being nourished. I read and write and breathe at the table, in life and out life. Inhale and exhale.

My table is in the middle. It is not big or small, it is just right. There is a simple vase of sunflowers, a cup of tea and some crusty bread. Come, eat my body, drink my blood He says. So I emphasize his presence, accepting the invitation to join Him at His table. It’s not about the cooling tea or slightly stale bread, it is about Him.

What is at your table? Perhaps a feast or a simple meal. What feeds your body and what feeds your soul?

Know that your table doesn’t have to stay the same. It changes as you need it to change. The most important thing is He is always there. Even when you don’t necessarily want him to be there, He sits and He waits for you to invite Him into the conversation. Your table becomes His and He sits at the head, leading and loving.

Today pause when you sit at the table. Feel the wood and breathe in the moment, knowing that it is what keeps you alive. His presence, His bread, and His Wine.

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