Birds and Blooms


Flowers and birds have an intriguing relationship. At the crack of dawn when the birds wake up, they start their song. Some birds have long tweets, and others have high-pitched tweets. Together a beautiful song is strung together, riding on the wind into many ears. They are joyful songs and pull the sleepy world out of slumber.

The birds sing the blooms to life. When the flower petals hear their song, they slowly unfold and spread out in their fullness. Unveiled and afresh the colors are vibrant, waking up with the long and high-pitched tweets. Synchronized to a tweet, together they blanket the world in beauty, covering the scuffs and cracks of brokenness.

Pulling beauty out of something or someone else is a special gift. So much beauty goes un-noticed. When you can look at a carton of strawberries and list the very things that make it beautiful you have a glorious gift from God. He sees the blooms that come out of the ashes before they even spring up. Every cell sings praises to him, because the potter knows his creation more intimately than the world.

God knows more about the birds and blooms; he knows more of their beauty. He treasures the joy and comfort that come with songs of birds and songs of blooms. Once beauty is pulled out, light floods in. It illuminates the true identity of the pots and vases God has created.

With a breath and His own song, he has sung the blooms of our hearts to life.

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