Cereal Eaters


Today is a day for puddle jumping and cereal eaters. The kind of cereal eaters that take life in stride with a twinkle in their eye. Their joy oozes out of their bellies, rippling and rumbling through the air, piercing their fleshy foes.

Through wastelands of Legos and burnt up toast, they trudge to save the cat from a precarious ledge, a ledge surrounded by marshmallow lava. They trample and sleep, bounce and eat.

On today’s list, skip a mile, run a mile, and do a hula-hoop trick. Say hi to Mille, the neighbor’s dog, and be promoted to the CEO of the lemonade stand. Send a letter to pen pal Rose and recite the alphabet, but only from C to O. Take time to breathe and let the playful heart just be. In innocence and wholeness, running free.

Don’t step on cracks, you may break your mothers back. Don’t forget to feed the fish and remember to brush your teeth.

One day galoshes will seem too silly and paper airplanes too plain. Life will sometimes steal your joy and a grueling day may step in your way. Brick by brick a house is built, but with a wolf nearby, will it stand?

Raise your spoon to cereal eaters who choose bricks instead of straw or wood, who fight to keep a light heart amidst gnashing teeth. Who remind the old and weary that a spoon full of cereal nourishes the body and soul. It gives you power to jump into puddles and wipe the muddy blotches away off life’s toll.

Eat some cereal and see the world unfold into the magic that it is. One spoonful at a time with a genuine grin.

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