Beds and Birds


7:23 a.m.

In bed I lay, peacefully resting in the comfy covers. The birds are chirping outside so I soak in their songs, letting the tunes charge my heart. Today is a day the Lord has made and I am rejoicing and being glad in it. I am ready to jump out of bed, even excited, to see what the day holds, the Lord’s day. When I flop onto my side I am taken back to another moment in the same position, in the same bed.


10:47 a.m.

My legs felt like lead and my mind was hazy. I can’t hear the birds chirping. The yellow walls look dim and I am crushed by the weight of wanting to slip out of bed, but I just can’t.

Arise and eat.

Those two words were enough to muster up a will to get up. With matted hair and tired eyes I put my feet on the floor. I sauntered to the kitchen, pulled out a mug, and ate a bowl of cereal. Then I got back into bed.


Such a small, but significant victory. God helped me get up simply to nourish my body because he cares. Gently he tugged me, and patiently he waited for me to pour cheerios and milk into a bowl. Even in what feels like a defeating moment he loves this body and soul.

In that season over and over again I would tell myself that this is a day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I said it, but I didn’t feel it. It took everything in me just to get up and eat.

Now, hearing the bird’s chirp I am rejoicing and being glad after months of saying it over and over again. It is a sweet feeling. Without that bed-ridden season, the joyful mornings would not be as sweet.

At both moments in time I was resting in God’s love. With the birds and without the birds I felt his presence and knew that he would not leave my resting place. Come all those who are burdened because I will give you rest he whispers into my heart. Sometimes it leaps and sometimes it sinks, but all the days of my life he will hold my heart in his hands, sometimes providing the bird’s song and sometimes a bowl of cereal.

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