Dear Daddy: Part 8

Dear Daddy,

It is a beautiful day. Thank you for your handiwork.

The air is not smoldering or nippy. It is just right. At one point, the trees were still a less vibrant green with some brown, shriveled crunchy leaves scattered around the trunk, waiting to be jumped in. Now, there are fragrant blooms and promising buds holding tight to the tree branches, waiting for the green to burst out. I like walking into the rays of sun and feeling the warmth give me kisses on my tired skin; simultaneously I feel the wispy wind brush the kisses to seal them in.

I am confident that this is what heaven is like.

Now, after years of seeking your face, I can fully rest in your hands. I know you know all of the nicks and scraps on my soul. Those are the very things that steal bits of heaven from me. Even though I still walk through the valley of darkness, you are there. Breathing into me so I can take another step, and another, and another.

I will rest in you until I come home to infinite rest. Leaning on your shoulder, I will walk with you from place to place. Come and be with me all the days of my life.




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