Dear Daddy: Part 7

Dear Daddy,

Did you ever have moments in your short lived life in which you felt complete joy, satisfaction and hope?

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in the to-do’s and demands. I feel like a race car on a track with squealing wheels, not quite going fast enough and barely retaining friction. Occasionally those pleasant moments do pop up out of the dirt. Goodness overflows and I feel it in the trunks of my bones.

One time, I was sitting in your lap, staring out the window. I could feel you breathing and I tried to match the rhythm of my breath with yours.

I bet that was a moment where you felt a little heaven on earth. You knew that life was about moments like that. Those pauses where we see an abundance of goodness stitched together in the end when we are staring death in the face. That is why there is peace at the doorway of death.



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