Two Decades Down

feet for real

Decade 1

With a new breath, tiny feet, and a fresh gaze, I spent my first hour on earth. Year by year my legs got longer and my brain fuller with miles and thoughts. My playful heart took the world in stride, fueling the puff behind the bubbles and the wonder behind the clouds. Hours spent carelessly, swinging on the swing set, back and forth. Along the way my voice was sometimes silenced and my laughter sometimes stifled. Fear creeped in, feeling like a cloke and causing a fortress to shield my innocent heart. But the darkness dabbled in sun rays and green grass as I leaped from year to year growing older and wiser. This decade set the foundation for the decades to come and showcased the raw and real life that Abba created.


Decade 2

Growing pains tainted this decade quite a bit. There were veils I placed around my body to keep my soft heart from being pierced by the arrows thrown by life’s woes. Metal teeth, a speckled face, and plump legs felt disgraceful and robbed me of feeling beautiful and loved. It sometimes felt like I was stumbling through the hallways trying to keep up with the crowd, molding myself into someone I was not. I also stepped into the skin of adult hood, making grown up decisions, moving away to a foreign place with new faces. There were crippling pits as well as glorious mountain tops. In the folds of this decade I danced with bravery and beauty, trying to trample out fear and pain. Sometimes I fell, but I kept getting up to twirl another day.


Decade 3

The best is yet to come with decade number 3. More and more I will walk in adulthood, making the desires of my heart come true. In the next couple of years, life will be drastically different.  In this phase I am growing, learning, and resting. Time is one of the most precious commodities and I want it to slip through my life in the right ways. I will take the time to dance in the rain, even when it seems completely unnecessary. I will take the time to love and hear the people around me, even if I would rather be alone. I will take the time to notice the dust and flowers on the ground as I walk slowly savoring the moments. These feet have walked many miles and they have many more to go.



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