Running Free




Race with Love.


Simply capture the moments that tick by every day and often times go un-noticed. Feel the wind for what it is, blowing through turbines, swirling around clouds, and pushing sails along. It may be just a gust, but it is a magnificently moving gust.

Slowly take the first step, then the second, then the third. With a dose of patience, the dawdling progressions become sweet. It just takes a spoon full of sugar, and you will feel much better than the hurried before. Just stop and gaze at the sky’s vast canvas of blue. Don’t live by the tick and the tock.

Smally is not a word, but with a small suggestion it could be. The seed has the potential to become a towering tree. It takes a simple sprinkling of water and a slow exposure to the sun’s rays. The little becomes magnified and the big produces the seed that is planted again.

A simple, slow, and small race seems counterintuitive, but a race like that brings more wonder and a sturdier growth. Behind the three is the force of love, keeping the heart clear even when life gets complicated, keeping the beat on pace even when life is whizzing by, and keeping the fleshy walls small, so that Abba can leap over.



It is simple, it is slow, it is small, but it is a race powered by love.

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