This Body: An Open Letter to Abba

Dear Abba,

Yesterday I went to a spin class. I was surrounded by other spinners, sweating and pushing. There was an extraordinary sense of unity in the class as we pedaled to the beat of the music. As the cohesion with the other spinners in the class thickened, I felt stronger and stronger. So, that is how life works. Doing life with community makes the individual stronger. When the individual is stronger, the community is stronger. Gestalt: the sum is greater than all the parts. There is my individual body, then there is the whole body comprised of every being.

It was almost like the energy everyone else was expending entered into my veins, helping my tired limbs along. The holy spirit connects us all, each individual as unique, but as perfect fit for the whole. The whole is the body. I believe I am part of the left hand, my spinning neighbor is perhaps the patient ear, and the instructor is the booming voice. What a beautiful body you have created. Every part is necessary, and every part together makes life feels more exciting. The ear can hear, the voice can speak, and the hand can write.

The spin class last night made me more aware of your craft: my body and the larger body I am essential too. I know you heard my worship. My heart beating, my lungs pumping, and my muscles working rose to you, like a sweet melody. The worship from everyone’s working body comes together into a glorious symphony. The body’s abilities are an expression of your genius, your creativity, and your love. Your genius shines forth with the complexities of the bodies systems. Your creativity is displayed in the beauty of eyes, locks, and smiles. Your love bubbles over with the grace you give for us to walk this earth whole and part of a whole.

Thank you for this gift of body. You give me wonderful sensations to experience your other masterpieces: the plants, the animals, the stars. You give me people that pull your crafted abilities out of me. I am your workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

With love,

Stella, your beloved

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