The weather has been flip-flopping like a fish out of water. In the morning the tips of the grass are frosted and the temperature calls for a parka and nose mittens. Yes, mittens for your nose. But by 12 o’clock the sun is on full ray exposure and the heat rolls in, demanding a wardrobe change. Today is not one of those indecisive days. It is sunny with a high of 65 and a quiet breeze.

The temperament outside has a powerful impact on the unfolding of the day. A dreary rain can make a bad day worse, and a sunny day lifts the spirits. Even if all else in life is wonky, the sun rays give a gleam of hope. Just like plants growing with a little help from the sun, the soul’s hope can grow with more and more exposure to the warm kisses. That is just what it feels like, a kiss. A little display of affection from Abba up above.

His kisses validate the life He has breathed into us. The wind accompanies the kiss, as if He is kissing our forehead while stroking our hair. It is a fatherly love, coming as warm and gentle affections. Today His love feels more real with sun-kissed skin.

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